• Hold On To Your Butts (HOTYB): The Seattle chapter is trying to clean up our beaches by helping people put their cigarette butts where they belong. Cigarette butts are the number one item collected on beach cleans around the world, and though it is illegal to smoke on beaches in Seattle, we continue to find them every time we do a beach clean! We are looking for local businesses, especially near beaches like Alki, to sponsor ash cans and partner with us to get these toxic butts off of our beaches and out of our waters. Check out this success story from the Vancouver Island Chapter on their highly successful HOTYB program! For any further questions regarding HOTYB please contact our chapter committee at
  • The Snowrider Project: The Snowrider Project is active in mountain cleanups, educational outreach on the importance of keeping it clean upstream, and carpooling to your local ski area. There are several events over the calendar year so check the calendar on the events page to see what’s happening. Want to organize a mountain cleanup or event??? If so or if you would like more information you can contact the project at
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens: We received 5k from the Rose Foundation for installation and outreach. There is a pending proposal to partner on 4 Rain Gardens in the East Ballard neighborhood. Seattle can contribute funds and work on outreach to inform the local residents about the program. Check out a rain garden installation we did a few years back.

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