• Hold On To Your Butt (HOTYB): HOTYB is a national campaign that many Surfrider chapters have undertaken to reduce cigarette litter on their beaches, and now we hope to make a difference locally. We keep noticing the absurd amounts of cigarette butts we pick up on our beach cleans around Seattle, so we’re trying to do something about it!  Come to a chapter meeting or reach out to the committee to get involved; we need people of all skills to help us do effective outreach, fundraising, and planning; contact is


  •  Oil Transportation Safety Act (OTSA) didn’t pass this year; we’ll work with other WA environmental groups to see if it will get on the table next year, so stay in touch.
  • Marine Spatial Planning (MSP):Our volunteers helped secure 3.7 million for MSP, some of which is supporting our Recreational-Use Survey this summer. (See our statewide page for more details) New uses coming to Washington Pacific coast threaten our access and the health of coastal beaches. Ocean planning offers a unique opportunity to identify where sensitive coastal resources are located and where popular activities are occurring and then to plan for new uses while minimizing impacts to marine life, recreation, and other human uses.