November Chapter Meeting

Our monthly public chapter meeting is this coming Tuesday, November 20th starting at 6:30pm at the MiiR flagship in Seattle. We have some big items on the agenda this month, and we’re hoping to see all of you Seattle Surfriders out there.

-2019 Surfrider State Policy – Gus Gates, Surfrider WA Policy Manager
-2019 Surfrider Federal Efforts
-Executive Committee Update: Vote for Chair role as Johanne’s term
is up (Thank you for all your efforts over the last two years

October Chapter Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, October 16 for our October chapter meeting @ Lowercase Brewing in Georgetown. We had a great turnout in August and at the Clean Water Classic and hope to keep the engagement going.

1. Executive Committee Updates
2. Clean Water Classic Recap
3. Cascadia Conference
4. Initiative 1631 & Surfrider Endorsement

August Chapter Meeting

We’re going to continue to enjoy the Seattle summer with another outdoor meeting. BYOBeverage and join us at 6:45 pm Tuesday, August 21 at Lincoln Park in West Seattle for our monthly meeting followed by a quick volunteer training and refresh.


Redhook Brewlab Party and Beach Cleanups!

We’ve got a bunch of fun in-store for the next week with a party at Redhook Brewlab starting Friday night, the coastal cleanup in Westport Saturday, and our annual cleanup at Golden Gardens set for April 27th. See our recent newsletter for details and stop in to one or all of these upcoming events! Since we’re busy with these there will be no chapter meeting this month but we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled meeting in May.

March Chapter Meeting

Our monthly public chapter meeting is tomorrow, March 20th, 6:45pm, at Redhook Brewlab located at 714 E Pike St. We will be discussing the recent offshore drilling comment period, the upcoming April 21st coastal cleanup in Westport and our annual cleanup at Golden Gardens with details TBD. Enjoy a beverage with us tomorrow evening at 6:45 and find out how you can get involved with our chapter!

February Chapter Meeting

Join us at Pyramid Brewing across from Safeco Field for our February chapter meeting next Tuesday, February 20th, where we will be hosting a presentation and discussion on the offshore oil and gas drilling proposal off our coast followed by Q&A. If you haven’t heard, Surfrider and our partners recently hosted a press conference with statewide elected officials, tribal representatives, and coastal industries to say no to this dangerous threat to our oceans, waves and beaches. Learn more next Tuesday evening beginning at 6:45pm at Pyramid Brewing and please contact us with any questions.

Meeting Time Change

Due to a time conflict we will have to move up today’s public chapter meeting time to 6pm at the MiiR Flagship in Fremont. We apologize for this inconvenience and will make it up to attendees with a thanks and gift for those who attend. The same agenda as before is on the docket with a short presentation from Sealife Response, Rehab, and Research and information about the Trump administration’s move to open up offshore drilling on our coasts. Again, our apologizes and we hope to catch you this evening!

January Chapter Meeting

Join us for our monthly public chapter meeting next Tuesday, January 16th, 6:45pm, at the MiiR Flagship in Fremont where we’ll be joined by Casey Mclean from Sealife Response, Rehab, and Research for a short presentation and Q&A on their inspiring work. We will also have information about an important upcoming meeting in Tacoma regarding The Trump administration’s move to open up offshore drilling on our coasts. If there was ever a time for action, it’s now.

Celebrate Oceans, Waves, and Beaches at the Seattle Chapter Holiday Party!

We’re having a party! 2017 was a successful year for the Seattle chapter and we want to share the stoke with all of our friends and supporters. MiiR & Taylor Shellfish will be hosting us for our 2017 Holiday Party at the Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar in Pioneer Square Tuesday, December 19th, from 6:30-9pm. Never been to a Surfrider chapter meeting before? This is an easy and casual way to meet other supporters. Free entry, great prizes, appetizers, and fun conversations with our local team so come on out for an enjoyable evening.

November Chapter Meeting

We’re moving back our regular monthly meeting a week so we can all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. But we’ll be back in action Tuesday, November 28th, 6:45, at the MiiR Flagship. We’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion about activities our chapter has been involved with and looking for input from new members on how Surfrider can help with local water quality and beach access.

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