Seattle Surfrider had a great 2015, and we just want to send a shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the awesome successes of the Hold On To Your Butt program! In 2014, we donated 2 cigarette cans to Alki Beach through Seattle Parks, and sold only 1 cigarette can, so the numbers below show significant growth.

Barbie Interns AVA

 HOTYB accomplishments of 2015

$1300 was raised for the program at our winter fundraiser

24 cigarette cans were donated by the chapter to Seattle parks & neighborhoods

14 cigarette cans were sold to local businesses

5 UW student interns put in a combined 459 volunteer hours

5 days of outreach events happened at beaches and public events

2 HOTYB presentations were delivered

2 interviews were done with local news stations

2 research projects were carried out

1 HOTYB kid’s educational program was designed and performed

1 “Walk of Shame” was done in Capitol Hill’s bar district

1 cigarette costume was created

1 cigarette comic was designed and published

You haven’t seen the last of us yet, we’ll be out in force in 2016 to educate and empower the public to prevent toxic cigarette litter. Join us? Email to get involved.


And a very special THANK YOU to our rockstar volunteer interns Chaewoo, Nick, Kiley, Annalee, Addison, for making all this success happen!

-Barbara Clabots